Creates Bitmap objects from various sources, including files, streams, and byte-arrays.  API Doc
 The Path class encapsulates compound (multiple contour) geometric paths consisting of straight line segments, quadratic curves, and cubic curves. … API Doc
 Rect holds four integer coordinates for a rectangle. The rectangle is represented by the coordinates of its 4 edges (left, top, right bottom). … API Doc
 The Typeface class specifies the typeface and intrinsic style of a font. This is used in the paint, along with optionally Paint settings like … API Doc
 The Color class defines methods for creating and converting color ints. Colors are represented as packed ints, made up of 4 bytes: alpha, red, … API Doc
 The NinePatch class permits drawing a bitmap in nine or more sections. Essentially, it allows the creation of custom graphics that will scale the … API Doc
 The Style specifies if the primitive being drawn is filled, stroked, or both (in the same color). The default is FILL.  API Doc
 Align specifies how drawText aligns its text relative to the [x,y] coordinates. The default is LEFT.  API Doc
 Class that describes the various metrics for a font at a given text size. Remember, Y values increase going down, so those values will be… API Doc
 PixelXorXfermode implements a simple pixel xor (op ^ src ^ dst). This transformation does not follow premultiplied conventions, therefore this… API Doc
 AvoidXfermode xfermode will draw the src everywhere except on top of the opColor or, depending on the Mode, draw only on top of the opColor.  API Doc
 Specifies the known formats a bitmap can be compressed into  API Doc
 Possible bitmap configurations. A bitmap configuration describes how pixels are stored. This affects the quality (color depth) as well as the… API Doc
 BitmapRegionDecoder can be used to decode a rectangle region from an image. BitmapRegionDecoder is particularly useful when an original image is… API Doc
 This takes a mask, and blurs its edge by the specified radius. Whether or or not to include the original mask, and whether the blur goes outside, … API Doc
 A camera instance can be used to compute 3D transformations and generate a matrix that can be applied, for instance, on a Canvas.  API Doc
 The Canvas class holds the "draw" calls. To draw something, you need 4 basic components: A Bitmap to hold the pixels, a Canvas to host the draw… API Doc
 4x5 matrix for transforming the color+alpha components of a Bitmap. The matrix is stored in a single array, and its treated as follows: [ a, b,… API Doc
 A subclass of shader that returns the composition of two other shaders, combined by an Xfermode subclass.  API Doc
 The Matrix class holds a 3x3 matrix for transforming coordinates.  API Doc
 Convenience method for callers that want to have FontMetrics values as integers.  API Doc
 The Paint class holds the style and color information about how to draw geometries, text and bitmaps.  API Doc
 A Picture records drawing calls (via the canvas returned by beginRecording) and can then play them back into Canvas (via draw(Canvas) or … API Doc
 Point holds two integer coordinates  API Doc
 PointF holds two float coordinates  API Doc
 RectF holds four float coordinates for a rectangle. The rectangle is represented by the coordinates of its 4 edges (left, top, right bottom). … API Doc
 Shader is the based class for objects that return horizontal spans of colors during drawing. A subclass of Shader is installed in a Paint calling … API Doc
 Captures frames from an image stream as an OpenGL ES texture. The image stream may come from either camera preview or video decode. A… API Doc
 YuvImage contains YUV data and provides a method that compresses a region of the YUV data to a Jpeg. The YUV data should be provided as a single… API Doc
 Shader used to draw a bitmap as a texture. The bitmap can be repeated or mirrored by setting the tiling mode.  API Doc