Package android.database

 A specialization of Observable for ContentObserver that provides methods for sending notifications to a list of ContentObserver objects.  API Doc
 This interface provides random read-write access to the result set returned by a database query. Cursor implementations are not required to be… API Doc
 This is used for copyStringToBuffer(int, CharArrayBuffer)  API Doc
 The result of a call to next().  API Doc
 A specialization of Observable for DataSetObserver that provides methods for sending notifications to a list of DataSetObserver objects.  API Doc
  This class was deprecated in API level 17. Use SQLiteStatement instead. This class allows users to do multiple inserts into a… API Doc
 This is an abstract cursor class that handles a lot of the common code that all cursors need to deal with and is provided for convenience reasons.  API Doc
 A base class for Cursors that store their data in CursorWindows. The cursor owns the cursor window it uses. When the cursor is closed, its… API Doc
 Receives call backs for changes to content. Must be implemented by objects which are added to a ContentObservable.  API Doc
 A cross process cursor is an extension of a Cursor that also supports usage from remote processes. The contents of a cross process cursor are… API Doc
 An exception indicating that a cursor is out of bounds.  API Doc
 A buffer containing multiple cursor rows. A CursorWindow is read-write when initially created and used locally. When sent to a remote process… API Doc
 Wrapper class for Cursor that delegates all calls to the actual cursor object. The primary use for this class is to extend a cursor while… API Doc
 An exception that indicates there was an error with SQL parsing or execution.  API Doc
 Receives call backs when a data set has been changed, or made invalid. The typically data sets that are observed are Cursors or Adapters. … API Doc
 Builds a row of values using either of these approaches: Values can be added with explicit column ordering using add(Object), which starts from… API Doc
 A mutable cursor implementation backed by an array of Objects. Use newRow() to add rows. Automatically expands internal capacity as needed.  API Doc
 A convience class that lets you present an array of Cursors as a single linear Cursor. The schema of the cursors presented is entirely up to the… API Doc