Package android.content.res

 Provides access to an application's raw asset files; see Resources for the way most applications will want to retrieve their resource data. This… API Doc
 This exception is thrown by the resource APIs when a requested resource can not be found.  API Doc
 Class for accessing an application's resources. This sits on top of the asset manager of the application (accessible through getAssets()) and … API Doc
 An InputStream you can create on a ParcelFileDescriptor, which will take care of calling ParcelFileDescritor.close() for you when the stream is… API Doc
 File descriptor of an entry in the AssetManager. This provides your own opened FileDescriptor that can be used to read the data, as well as the … API Doc
 Lets you map View state sets to colors. ColorStateLists are created from XML resource files defined in the "color" subdirectory directory of an… API Doc
 This class describes all device configuration information that can impact the resources the application retrieves. This includes both … API Doc
 This class holds the current attribute values for a particular theme. In other words, a Theme is a set of values for resource attributes; these… API Doc
 Container for an array of values that were retrieved with obtainStyledAttributes(AttributeSet, int[], int, int) or obtainAttributes(AttributeSet,… API Doc
 The XML parsing interface returned for an XML resource. This is a standard XmlPullParser interface, as well as an extended AttributeSet interface… API Doc

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