Package android.content

 Base class for code that will receive intents sent by sendBroadcast(). If you don't need to send broadcasts across applications, consider using … API Doc
 Meta-data describing the contents of a ClipData. Provides enough information to know if you can handle the ClipData, but not the data itself. … API Doc
 Content providers are one of the primary building blocks of Android applications, providing content to applications. They encapsulate data and… API Doc
 Caches the contents of a cursor into a Map of String->ContentValues and optionally keeps the cache fresh by registering for updates on the content… API Doc
 This class provides applications access to the content model. Developer Guides For more information about using a ContentResolver with content… API Doc
 This class is used to store a set of values that the ContentResolver can process.  API Doc
 Interface to global information about an application environment. This is an abstract class whose implementation is provided by the Android… API Doc
 A loader that queries the ContentResolver and returns a Cursor. This class implements the Loader protocol in a standard way for querying cursors,… API Doc
 A representation of a item using ContentValues. It contains one top level ContentValue plus a collection of Uri, ContentValues tuples as subvalues.… API Doc
 Wrapper class holding an Intent and implementing comparisons on it for the purpose of filtering. The class implements its equals() and hashCode()… API Doc
 An intent is an abstract description of an operation to be performed. It can be used with startActivity to launch an Activity, broadcastIntent… API Doc
 Interface for accessing and modifying preference data returned by getSharedPreferences(String, int). For any particular set of preferences, there… API Doc
 A helper class to help make handling asynchronous ContentResolver queries easier.  API Doc
 Interface used to allow the creator of a dialog to run some code when the dialog is canceled. This will only be called when the dialog is… API Doc
 This exception is thrown when a given MIME type does not have a valid syntax.  API Doc
 Represents a shortcut/live folder icon resource. API Doc
 An implementation of a ContentObserver that takes care of connecting it to the Loader to have the loader re-load its data when the observer is… API Doc
 Value type that contains information about a periodic sync.  API Doc
 An abstract implementation of a SyncAdapter that spawns a thread to invoke a sync operation. If a sync operation is already in progress when a… API Doc
 This exception is thrown when a call to startActivity(Intent) or one of its variants fails because an Activity can not be found to execute the… API Doc
 Abstract Loader that provides an AsyncTask to do the work. See Loader and LoaderManager for more details. Here is an example implementation of… API Doc
 Description of a single item in a ClippedData. The types than an individual item can currently contain are: API Doc
 Representation of a clipped data on the clipboard. ClippedData is a complex type containing one or Item instances, each of which can hold one or… API Doc
 Interface to the clipboard service, for placing and retrieving text in the global clipboard. You do not instantiate this class directly;… API Doc
 Identifier for a specific application component (Activity, Service, BroadcastReceiver, or ContentProvider) that is available. Two pieces of… API Doc
 The public interface object used to interact with a ContentProvider. This is obtained by calling acquireContentProviderClient(Uri). This object… API Doc
 Used to add parameters to a ContentProviderOperation. The ContentProviderOperation.Builder is first created by calling newInsert(, … API Doc
 Contains the result of the application of a ContentProviderOperation. It is guaranteed to have exactly one of uri or count set.  API Doc
 Proxying implementation of Context that simply delegates all of its calls to another Context. Can be subclassed to modify behavior without… API Doc
 Interface used to allow the creator of a dialog to run some code when an item on the dialog is clicked..  API Doc
 Interface used to allow the creator of a dialog to run some code when the dialog is dismissed.  API Doc
 Structured description of Intent values to be matched. An IntentFilter can match against actions, categories, and data (either via its type,… API Doc
 Exception thrown when trying to send through a PendingIntent that has been canceled or is otherwise no longer able to execute the request.  API Doc
 An abstract class that performs asynchronous loading of data. While Loaders are active they should monitor the source of their data and deliver new… API Doc
 Thrown when an application of a ContentProviderOperation fails due the specified constraints.  API Doc
 Interface for monitoring the state of an application service. See Service and Context.bindService() for more information. Like many callbacks… API Doc
 Interface used for modifying values in a SharedPreferences object. All changes you make in an editor are batched, and not copied back to the… API Doc
 Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a shared preference is changed.  API Doc
 This class is used to communicate the results of a sync operation to the SyncManager. Based on the values here the SyncManager will determine the… API Doc
 Utility class to aid in matching URIs in content providers. To use this class, build up a tree of UriMatcher objects. For example: private… API Doc