Package android.animation

 A time interpolator defines the rate of change of an animation. This allows animations to have non-linear motion, such as acceleration and… API Doc
 This evaluator can be used to perform type interpolation between float values.  API Doc
 This class provides a simple callback mechanism to listeners that is synchronized with all other animators in the system. There is no duration,… API Doc
 An animation listener receives notifications from an animation. Notifications indicate animation related events, such as the end or the repetition… API Doc
 This is the superclass for classes which provide basic support for animations which can be started, ended, and have AnimatorListeners added to them.  API Doc
 This class plays a set of Animator objects in the specified order. Animations can be set up to play together, in sequence, or after a specified… API Doc
 This evaluator can be used to perform type interpolation between integer values that represent ARGB colors.  API Doc
 This class enables automatic animations on layout changes in ViewGroup objects. To enable transitions for a layout container, create a… API Doc
 This subclass of ValueAnimator provides support for animating properties on target objects. The constructors of this class take parameters to… API Doc
 This class provides a simple timing engine for running animations which calculate animated values and set them on target objects. There is a… API Doc

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