Package android.accounts

 A Parcelable value type that contains information about an account authenticator.  API Doc
 Base class for implementing an Activity that is used to help implement an AbstractAccountAuthenticator. If the AbstractAccountAuthenticator needs… API Doc
 A AccountManagerFuture represents the result of an asynchronous AccountManager call. Methods are provided to check if the computation is … API Doc
 Abstract base class for creating AccountAuthenticators. In order to be an authenticator one must extend this class, provider implementations for… API Doc
 Value type that represents an Account in the AccountManager. This object is Parcelable and also overrides equals(Object) and hashCode(), making it … API Doc
 Object used to communicate responses back to the AccountManager  API Doc
 This class provides access to a centralized registry of the user's online accounts. The user enters credentials (username and password) once per… API Doc

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