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                && mGamesClient.isConnected()) {
            mConnectedClients &= ~CLIENT_GAMES;
        if ((whatClients & CLIENT_APPSTATE) != 0 && mAppStateClient != null
                && mAppStateClient.isConnected()) {
            mConnectedClients &= ~CLIENT_APPSTATE;
    /** Called when we successfully obtain a connection to a client. */ 
    public void onConnected(Bundle connectionHint) {
        debugLog("onConnected: connected! client=" + mClientCurrentlyConnecting);
        // Mark the current client as connected 
        mConnectedClients |= mClientCurrentlyConnecting;
        // If this was the games client and it came with an invite, store it for later 
reconnect Method Overview
Closes the current connection to Google Play services and creates a new connection.
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