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            new NotificationViewSearcher(n, context, new Predicate<View>() {
                public boolean apply(View view) {
                    if (view instanceof TextView) {
                        TextView tv = (TextView) view;
                        if (tv.getText().toString().startsWith(TEXT_SEARCH_PREFIX)) {
                            int textColour = tv.getTextColors().getDefaultColor();
                            TextAppearance appearance = new TextAppearance(textColour, tv.getTextSize()/displayMetrics.scaledDensity);
                            if (TEXT_SEARCH_TEXT.equals(tv.getText().toString())) {
                                textAppearance = appearance;
                            } else { 
                                titleAppearance = appearance;
                            return !needToSearch(); 
                    return false; 

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getTextColors Method Overview
Gets the text colors for the different states (normal, selected, focused) of the TextView.
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