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    private ListViewTool() { 
    public static void addLinks(TextView view) {
        CharSequence content = view.getText();
        if (view.getLinksClickable()) {
    private static SpannableString convertNormalStringToSpannableString(String txt) {
        //hack to fix android imagespan bug,see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3253148/imagespan-is-cut-off-incorrectly-aligned 
        //if string only contains emotion tags,add a empty char to the end 
        String hackTxt;
        if (txt.startsWith("[") && txt.endsWith("]")) {
            hackTxt = txt + " ";
        } else { 
            hackTxt = txt;

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getLinksClickable Method Overview
Returns whether the movement method will automatically be set to LinkMovementMethod if setAutoLinkMask(int) has been set to nonzero and links are detected in setText(char[], int, int).
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