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This code example shows how to use the following methods:requestFocus, getQuery, isIconified, onActionViewCollapsed, onActionViewExpanded
            mActionBar.setDisplayOptions(newFlags, MASK);
    private void update() { 
        boolean isIconifiedChanging = mSearchView.isIconified() == mSearchMode;
        if (mSearchMode) {
            // Since we have the {@link SearchView} in a custom action bar, we must manually handle 
            // expanding the {@link SearchView} when a search is initiated. Note that a side effect 
            // of this method is that the {@link SearchView} query text is set to empty string. 
            if (isIconifiedChanging) {
                final CharSequence queryText = mSearchView.getQuery();
                if (!TextUtils.isEmpty(queryText)) {
                    mSearchView.setQuery(queryText, false);
            if (mActionBar.getNavigationMode() != ActionBar.NAVIGATION_MODE_STANDARD) {

isIconified Method Overview
Returns the current iconified state of the SearchView.
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