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	private void getDataAboutSound(Context ct) {
		// TTS 
		try { 
			TextToSpeech mTts = new TextToSpeech(ct, null);
			if (mTts != null) {
				results.put("TTS supported", "Yes");
				results.put("TTS defaults enforced", String.valueOf(mTts.areDefaultsEnforced()));
				results.put("TTS default engine", mTts.getDefaultEngine());
				Locale tmpLocale = mTts.getLanguage();
				results.put("TTS default language", tmpLocale.getLanguage());
				results.put("TTS default country", tmpLocale.getCountry());
				if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT>=14) {
		} catch (Exception e) {
			results.put("TTS supported", "No:\n Error:" + e.toString());
areDefaultsEnforced Method Overview
Checks whether the user's settings should override settings requested by the calling application.
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