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This code example shows how to use the following methods:addArc, addCircle, addOval, addRect, addRoundRect
    private void drawPath(Canvas canvas) {
        Path path = new Path();
        // 弧を追加 
        RectF oval = new RectF(10, 10, 60, 60);
        path.addArc(oval, 180, 90);
        // 円を追加 
        path.addCircle(95, 35, 25, Path.Direction.CW);
        // 楕円を追加 
        RectF oval2 = new RectF(130, 10, 230, 60);
        path.addOval(oval2, Path.Direction.CW);
        // 四角形を追加 
        RectF rect = new RectF(10, 70, 60, 120);

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rCubicTo Method Overview
Same as cubicTo, but the coordinates are considered relative to the current point on this contour.
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