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This code example shows how to use the following methods: beginTransaction, endTransaction, inTransaction
600:	assertThat(database.inTransaction()).isFalse(); 
601:	database.beginTransaction(); 
602:	assertThat(database.inTransaction()).isTrue(); 
603:	database.endTransaction(); 
604:	assertThat(database.inTransaction()).isFalse(); 
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This code example shows how to use the following methods: endTransaction, inTransaction
64:	if (dbCon.inTransaction()) { 
65:	dbCon.endTransaction(); 
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Exposes methods to manage a SQLite database.

SQLiteDatabase has methods to create, delete, execute SQL commands, and perform other common database management tasks. See the Notepad sample application in the SDK for an example of creating and managing a database. Database names must be unique within an application, not across all applications. In addition to SQLite's default BINARY collator, Android supplies two more, LOCALIZED, which changes with the system's current locale, and UNICODE, which is the Unicode Co...
inTransaction Method Overview
Returns true if the current thread has a transaction pending.
See Also
  • compileStatement
    Compiles an SQL statement into a reusable pre-compiled statement object.
  • delete
    Convenience method for deleting rows in the database.
  • execSQL
    Execute a single SQL statement that is NOT a SELECT or any other SQL statement that returns data.
  • getPath
    Gets the path to the database file.
  • insert
    Convenience method for inserting a row into the database.
  • insertOrThrow
    Convenience method for inserting a row into the database.
  • isOpen
    Returns true if the database is currently open.
  • isReadOnly
    Returns true if the database is opened as read only.
  • query
    Query the given table, returning a Cursor over the result set.
  • rawQuery
    Runs the provided SQL and returns a Cursor over the result set.
  • replace
    Convenience method for replacing a row in the database.
  • setLockingEnabled
    This method was deprecated in API level 16. This method now does nothing. Do not use.
  • update
    Convenience method for updating rows in the database.