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        mActivity = activity;
    public void showErrorMessageDialog(int titleId, Exception exception) {
        showErrorMessageDialog(mActivity.getString(titleId), exception);
    public void showErrorMessageDialog(String title, Exception exception) {
        Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
        bundle.putString(KEY_TITLE, title);
        bundle.putSerializable(KEY_EXCEPTION, exception);
        mActivity.showDialog(DIALOG_ID_EXCEPTION, bundle);
     * You should call this method from your Activity's onCreateDialog(int, Bundle) method. 
    public Dialog handleOnCreateDialog(int id, Bundle args) {

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87:				super.onPreExecute();
88:				showDialog(progress_bar_type);
89:			}
91:			/**

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showDialog Method Overview
This method was deprecated in API level 13. Use the new DialogFragment class with FragmentManager instead; this is also available on older platforms through the Android compatibility package.
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