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     * from Pierre Durand. 
     * @return a {@link NetworkStateChecker} that will be used to determine if 
     *         network state allows requests executions. 
    protected NetworkStateChecker getNetworkStateChecker() {
        return new DefaultNetworkStateChecker();
     * Factory method to create an {@link ExecutorService} that will be used to 
     * execute requests. The default implementation of this method will create a 
     * single threaded or multi-threaded {@link ExecutorService} depending on 
     * the number of threads returned by {@link #getThreadCount()}. If you 
     * override this method in your service, you can supply a custom 
     * {@link ExecutorService}. This feature has been implemented following a 
     * request from Riccardo Ciovati. 
     * @return the {@link ExecutorService} to be used to execute requests . 
    protected ExecutorService getExecutorService() {
        ExecutorService executorService;
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