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    // type adapters for composite and user-defined types 
    factories.add(new CollectionTypeAdapterFactory(constructorConstructor));
    factories.add(new MapTypeAdapterFactory(constructorConstructor, complexMapKeySerialization));
    factories.add(new ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory(
        constructorConstructor, fieldNamingPolicy, excluder));
    this.factories = Collections.unmodifiableList(factories);
  private TypeAdapter<Number> doubleAdapter(boolean serializeSpecialFloatingPointValues) {
    if (serializeSpecialFloatingPointValues) {
      return TypeAdapters.DOUBLE;
    return new TypeAdapter<Number>() {
      @Override public Double read(JsonReader in) throws IOException {
        if (in.peek() == JsonToken.NULL) {
          return null; 
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