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Android ViewFlipper examples from Open Source projects
Examples using Android ViewFlipper stopFlipping method:
This code example shows how to use the following methods: stopFlipping, setInAnimation, setOutAnimation, showNext
42:	viewFlipper.setInAnimation(this, android.R.anim.slide_in_left); 
43:	viewFlipper.setOutAnimation(this, android.R.anim.slide_out_right); 
45:	viewFlipper.showNext(); 
47:	viewFlipper.stopFlipping(); 
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Examples using Android ViewFlipper setAutoStart method:
This code example shows how to use the following methods: setAutoStart, setFlipInterval, setLongClickable, setOnTouchListener
91:	flipper.setAutoStart(true); 
92:	flipper.setFlipInterval(4000); 
96:	flipper.setOnTouchListener(this); 
98:	flipper.setLongClickable(true); 
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Examples for other Android ViewFlipper methods:
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ViewFlipper Class Overview
Simple ViewAnimator that will animate between two or more views that have been added to it. Only one child is shown at a time. If requested, can...
  • isFlipping
    Returns true if the child views are flipping.
  • setAutoStart
    Set if this view automatically calls startFlipping() when it becomes attached to a window.