Q |What does Codota do for me?

Codota is an artificial pair programmer that learns from existing code to help you build software faster and smarter. Codota runs alongside the IDE and uses the learned code models to suggest relevant code. These suggestions save you time searching for references, and help prevent errors.

Codota helps you when writing new code by predicting the code that you may need next. Codota helps you when reading and reviewing code by showing you code that applies in similar settings.

Q |What languages does Codota Support?

The current version of Codota supports Java. We will be adding JavaScript and other languages in the next few months.

Which languages would you like Codota to support?

Q |What operating systems can run Codota?

Codota runs on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Q |What IDEs does Codota work with?

Codota works with Eclipse (Mars and later), IntelliJ (14 and later), and Android Studio. Codota does not currently support NetBeans.

Which IDES would you like Codota to support?

Q |Is Codota free to use?

Codota is free and will always be free when serving results based on publicly available code. If you want Codota to learn from your own code, check out our paid offering.

Q |How does Codota make money?

Codota makes money from providing the service privately to organizations on their own codebases. We'll publish more information about this offering soon.

Q |What information does Codota send to your servers?

Codota only extracts an anonymized summary of the current IDE scope. It does not access other files in your codebase, and does not access other resources on your machine. The anonymized summary sent to Codota is only used for prediction and suggesting code to the user, and is not stored on our servers.

Codota does not track individual keystrokes, and does not transmit values of literals (such as the content of Strings). All communication with Codota servers is done over https.

Q |How does Codota learn from existing code?

Codota builds predictive models of code that suggest code completions and related content based on the current context present in your IDE. Codota combines techniques from program analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning to learn from code.

Results of the different models are combined to present you with helpful code for any given task.

Codota only learns from public sources, we do not send your codebase to our servers.

Q |Can I put Codota on my phone or tablet?

Codota is pretty cool when you run it on a tablet configured as an additional display. Connecting an iPad can be easily done using 3rd party application such as Duet.

Q |I know how to make Codota better - how can I tell you?

We'd love to get your feedback, talk to us here

Q |I ran into a problem using Codota - where can I get help?

If you are having problems installing or using Codota, please see our troubleshooting page or contact us