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Codota understands the world's code and provides
you with the right suggestion at the right time

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Contextual code suggestions based on your code

Codota supercharges your development workflow by predicting your next steps and proposing useful code - based on what you’re writing in the IDE

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No more searching for code

Codota dramatically reduces the need to context switch between your IDE and the browser by bringing the best code to you at the right time and place

Runs alongside your IDE

Codota runs on your development machine. You can easily control the amount of screen real-estate to allocate to it

Understanding the world's code

Codota’s algorithms learn from millions of programs to establish the best, most relevant, and most helpful code for any given task

Your code stays private

Codota doesn’t upload your code to the cloud. To learn more about the information that’s being sent to our servers to provide code insights, check our FAQ

Available for Java, more languages coming soon!

Codota integrates with the most popular Java IDEs, more languages coming soon.

Code even smarter
with Codota

Take reuse to the max

The function that you're working on has already been used. Save your fingers' dexterity for playing Portal

Make fewer errors

Use field-proven working code and avoid errors at every stage – compiling, testing and production


Never leave your IDE.

Stay focused – no more context-switching to search Google or Github

Reduce the need to RTFM

Let the library come to you – spend less time reading documentation

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