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Codota helps developers create better software, faster by providing insights learned from all the code in the world. The CodeBrain is an evolving model that reflects Codota's unique knowledge of how software is built.

Code Search

Find the right code.

Codota lets you easily query the CodeBrain for the most common, credible, clear and concise code examples. Codota's search is semantic, meaning that your query are code elements such as classes and methods.

Insights about code in your browser.

Turn your web browser into a powerful code viewer that brings code snippets to life. Codota's Code Browsing Assistant interacts with the CodeBrain to provide a powerful code reading experience including intuitive IDE-like navigation, context aware warnings and easy discovery of alternatives.

Browser code insights

IDE assistant

Contextual suggestions as you code.

Get the best snippet suggestions as you code, from the world's top repositories. Codota integrates with your IDE to suggest relevant code based on your current context in real time - currently available for Java, more languages coming soon.

Popular How-tos

Getting the last known device location from GPS or network
Parsing JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents for using the specific elements in the application
Get continuous updates abouth the device location from the GPS or network. The LocationListener interface is used to receive the updates and act upon them.
Playing back audio and video content using the built in media player
Displaying web pages loaded from the Internet in a browser window

Popular Android Classes

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